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Starting @ $2,200

The best equipped aluminum Fat Bike on the market


starting @ $3,000

Designed specifically around the BLUTO fork


Starting @ $5,000

The Most Advanced Geometry for Fat Bikes

Welcome to Borealis Fat Bikes!

Welcome to Borealis Fatbikes.  Here at Borealis, we focus on providing the world with the lightest, fastest and most technically advanced Fatbikes and Fatbike components.  All of our products are designed by Borealis with custom molds and tooling available only to Borealis.  We use only world class suppliers and pay attention to every detail. Compared to the competition, our bikes are built with higher end components and we offer a longer warranty.  If you simply want the best Fatbike on the market, Borealis is the bike for you. Please, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email us—we’re always available to answer any of your questions.