“The bike came today. I sure was happy. Toke it to a local bike shop and had them put it together.put some new pedals on it to . Then my wife and son headed for the trails. What a bike bike I got up hills I have always walk up. Then I let my wife and son try it out that was the last I saw it intell we when home. Thank you Love that bike!”

“I loved my echo on the slick rocks and dirt this fall and I love it even more (if possible) on the snow.  I’ve had the best winter ever riding my new bike!
Thanks so much for building and designing the Borealis Echo :)”

Susan Lynchstars


Borealis Flume Review by Dustin Carlsonstars

“I recently purchased a Yampa directly from you via eBay and wanted to thank you for making such a fantastic product.  I have ridden it in snow, on frozen lakes, hardpack, and snowmobile trails and it is awesome.  What an outstanding bike.  It was also the single best packed bike I have seen.  Everything about the transaction and the product has been great.  Thank you for work and best wishes on the future of your company.  I am a completely satisfied customer, will recommend you gladly and would not hesitate to purchase again in the future.” -Clint Lovell stars

“I’m writing this review for 2 people as my friend & I,  both became Echo owners in January of 2015. I generally shy away from writing a review, but in this case feel so strongly about this bike, that if it will help another rider choose an Echo, than there will be another truly satisfied Borealis customer.

About the bikes: Our Echo’s are spec’d out with the XX1 drivetrain & Bluto fork, with 45 North Dillinger tires. Borealis really chose the parts and components well for this build. No expense was spared or shortcuts made-fantastic. We also opted to upgrade the wheelset to the HED Big” Deal” Tubeless Carbon wheels. Money well spent!! Total bike weight-26.1lbs!!!

Now for the ride: Absolutely amazing!! Superb, Sweet, extremely well balanced & very responsive. It seems like there is nothing this bike cannot do. For my buddy who is an advanced level rider, it is as simple as this: “I throw this bike around on many different types of terrain and never feel as if it’s not enough bike”. As an intermediate-advanced level rider, I find that the Echo is so easy to run thru singletrack, technical and downhill sections of trails. In a knarly rock garden, it just stays on the line your are riding. Twisting high speed trails with bermed turns-no problem and on downhills, it sticks to wherever you steer it and because of Borealis’ carbon frame design, your not beaten up after the ride. This bike screams for an epic ride every time you take it out.

Sand & Snow, that’s right-almost forgot about them-2 of the main reasons to purchase a “fat”. I’d love to say that they are the best things about owning an Echo, but since everything about it is awesome, I’ll just have to say that they are just another 2 great ways to ride it. Steering is precise, and it feel like you are floating above anything you are riding.(we both have studs installed for the winter rides and they work great with these tires).

We demo’ed  a bunch of other brand’s bikes(before and after we got our Echo’s) & to this day, still feel that the Echo is, by far the best bike either of us have ever owned!!!-An absolutely fantastic bike, that even if you have to choose to own 1 bike to do everything (just short of signing up for the next downhill race @ your local ski area), this would certainly be a great choice.”

Kudos to the guys @ Borealis for creating the Echo!


2 Northeast Echo owners stars

“Awesome experience! From my first contact with Scott to getting the bike and riding it!! Scott was very helpful and easy to work with in getting the right components and tires to the quick build up and shipping. Once I got the bike on the trail found out how nibble and what a climber it is. Geometry is spot on!! I think I need to Santa for the bluto for summer riding. Praying for a snowy winter!!” -Chris Heid stars

“These are SO much fun to ride! Not only that, Stephen and the Borealis team support the Alzheimer’s Association which is close to my heart. Thanks for being such a high quality bike and philanthropic company!!” -Laurel Gillund stars

“Love the bikes and the customer support. I damaged my fork in a crash, and the fine crew at Borealis promptly replaced it and even gave me a significant discount.” -Tony Newtonstars

My son and I both had the Flume out tearing up the pastures, sand roads and snow. EXCELLENT! Real happy, great initial impressions. My wife and daughter are eyeballing the new ride. Might be back for another sooner than I planned! stars

“Awesome product, great guys to work with too. I’d recommend these bikes to anybody!” -Jamie McDevitt  stars

“With much thanks to Flynn, rode the new Echo with Rock Shox fork and 3″ tires today. Frame geometry is absolutely spot-on. The thing turns likes it’s on rails. This was my first fat bike ride, but having raced and rode mountain bikes and MX forever, have a pretty good idea how a bike should handle. You guys have a winner. Always room for improvement tweaks, but I would make this my every-day bike in a heart-beat. Very fun.” -Brian Nickel stars

“Great bike, Adam was wonderful. Utube video was a great help.First real ride today. Amazing.. Like driving an Alfa after an F 250. Feels quicker than my Pivot 429sl. Gearing is perfect, no need for the 28 up front. Moved the seat back all the way, could use just a bit more space to spread out. Perhaps a longer stem” -Chuck stars