Borealis FR80 Wheelset and Tire Combo

MSRP: $299.00



Borealis FR80 Wheelset and Tire Combo

Package includes a handbuilt Borealis wheelset, rim strips, tubes, and 45 North Husker Du 27tpi Tires.  Etching on rims or hubs may say Turnagain.

Add some bling to your rig, upgrade those stock rims, or get a set for your custom build! This price and combo is for a limited time so pick it up while they last!

Rim color is either blue, red, or black.

Front hub is 150mm which is compatible with our fork, a Bluto or a Lauf. Purchase a 135mm hub for older model Yampas, please measure fork if unsure. Front hubs are not Convertible to QR.

Please select rear axle type based on your rear spacing.

The weight of the set is 5.95lbs (2.70Kg).

Note: Rims and tires are not designed to be run tubeless.