Crestone Models

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There are places in this world ordinary bikes can’t take you. And when every ounce counts, when every pedal stroke drives you further into the wild, get there on Borealis Crestone. The lightest and toughest carbon fatbike on the market lets you follow northern lights deep into a Wisconsin winter as part of the 42K Soltice Chase, or pack it up for a blitz across the tundra – the Crestone is the premier choice for fatbiking fun…  Read more


The Crestone is a Closed Mold, Carbon Fiber Bike Frame that Represents the Most Advanced Geometry for Fat Bikes

  • New Impact and Fatigue standards to match the demands of riders who might ride a Fat Bike more aggressively.
  • Totally new frame design developed to be more durable and thrilling to ride, while maintaining an aesthetic becoming of a high performance product.
  • Weighs in at 150 grams less than the Echo
  • Available in two new colorways
  • Advanced carbon molding with state of the art production
  • Designed with reduced stand over height, top tube drops by one half inch
  • Available with SRAM XO1 or XX1 components

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    • Crestone Elite

      MSRP: $5,850
      Crestone Elite - Fat Bike

      Discriminating fatbike competitors will see in the Crestone XX build a devotion to pro-class components and race-winning spec. It’s purebred, elite-level build choices that deliver best-in-class performance.

    • Crestone Pro

      MSRP: $4,950

      Borealis riders can be a discriminating bunch, and the Crestone XO1 won’t disappoint. It features solid spec with an eye for weight-reduction and an attractive price point.