Nordic Centers and Rental Use


Fat bikes are becoming fixtures on groomed multi-use trails across North America and the world, and many Nordic centers and ski resorts are now allowing them on their trails. Some areas are even hosting competitive races. Fat bikes allow cyclists to ride their bikes year round and can offer a family friendly sport during the winter. The best part is that the infrastructure is already in place. Existing groomed cross country ski trails and snowmobile trails provide a perfect solution or a relatively inexpensive tool can be utilized to groom existing singletrack MTB trails.

In this quickly growing yet mostly untapped market, fat bikers are looking for a safe fun place to ride and Nordic centers/ trail centers can provide for this need. Borealis currently deals with Nordic centers and trail centers providing rental/ demo bikes at a special rate, which can be rented during the season. The bikes can then be sold or kept for the next season, or even be used as summer rentals. The demand is high enough that the bikes pay for themselves relatively quickly and they can attract new customers/ a new demographic to your business.

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