Safety Notice Regarding 135mm Yampa Forks Year – 2013


February 14, 2017


Some Borealis bicycles were sold with a 135mm carbon front fork which under extreme stress has the ability to fail.  The specific failure point is the base of the steer tube immediately above the bearing race.  Borealis recommends immediate inspection and to discontinue all riding until the inspection is complete.fb

Figure #1

AFFECTED MODELS:  The 135mm carbon forks are limited to 2013production. This fork was sold on the YAMPA models in 2013 – 2014.  An example of the serial number showing FO13 is identified in Figure 1.  No other forks are included in this notice.


VISUAL INSPECTION:  Upon removal of the fork the serial number will be evident roughly 3 inches above the bearing race.  Only fork serial numbers which start with FO13 need to be inspected.   Inspection of the fork should be made by a qualified bicycle technician.  Specific attention should be focused on the area immediately above the bearing race on the fork.  If there are any signs of excessive wear, fiber damage or carbon movement in this area the fork should be returned to Borealis for a replacement fork.

PHYSICAL TEST:  A simple test should also be performed by the qualified technician.  The test can be completed by taking the fork and placing the steer tube in a simple 1 inch (25.4mm) U clamp which is mounted to a work bench.  The U clamp should be mounted using through bolts for purposes of making sure it is solidly secured.  The U Clamp should also be mounted roughly 6 inches or more from the edge of the work bench.   Only if the steer tube is cut short should this distance be reduced.  Place the steer tube in the U Clamp and slide the bearing race to where it contacts the edge of the work bench.  Place the fork in a position where the brake mounts are facing down and the front axle installed in place.  (See Figure #2)



Identify an individual who has a weight of no less than 200 Pounds (91kg) and no more than 215 pounds (97.5 kg) and gradually push down on the fork at the base of each fork leg (at the same time) so that the entire weight of the individual is placed on both fork legs.  (See Figure #3)



The individual should only have their feet off the ground a minimal amount to make sure they do not lose balance.  The individual should not bounce or jerk up and down as this method is not consistent.  If any carbon cracking sounds are heard, immediately stop the test and notify Borealis for a replacement fork.

WHAT BOREALIS WILL DO FOR OWNERS THAT ARE AFFECTED BY THIS NOTICE:  If you own a fork that is subject to this notice, Borealis will provide you – through a Borealis retailer or a qualified bike repair facility – a free replacement fork.