Here at Borealis, we love getting out and riding bikes, no matter what they are or where we’re going. Our team tackles the local Colorado Springs singletrack during lunch break, and the epic bike adventures include riding along the Colorado Front Range, in Moab, and Alaska. Our combined biking experience enables us to develop the best products available for the most fun type of bike around—fat bikes! Borealis, the industry leader in carbon fat bike frames and components, strives to bring you high performance fat bike products backed by our excellent warranty. Please, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email us—we’re always available to answer any of your questions. Here’s a bit more information about the guys behind Borealis Bikes:

Steve Kaczmarek


Kaczmarek formed the Fat Bike Company in 2013 by utilizing his track record of successful start-ups to implement operational procedures that drove the Colorado Springs-based company through exponential growth during the first two years. "Fat bikes are the hottest thing on two wheels, and the Fat Bike Company is thrilled to be a leader in this category." Our goal is to produce the lightest, most technically advanced fat bike products while offering our customers the best service and largest inventory for all their fat bike needs. Steve is an avid outdoorsman and grew up in the competitive sailing arena where the lightest, fastest designs and products were demanded. After moving to Colorado where large bodies of water are hard to find, Steve identified mountain biking as his preferred activity. Just following Steve’s first Fatbike ride, he was able to combine mountain biking with his extreme understanding of carbon fiber and exotic materials from sailing into what is now recognized as the World Leader in Fatbike Technology.

Greg Herrman

Inside Sales and Dealer Support

Greg moved to Colorado in 1996 and has fallen in love with the region ever since. The son of two active duty military parents forced him to try different sports like Mountain Biking and he has been hooked since day one. He graduated with a degree in computer science from Colorado Technical University and after working for Intel decided that he just loved bikes too much and has worked in the industry ever since. Greg is in a word a gear “junkie” and knows what will be popular or exciting before we know it. He has worked in shipping and sales for over a decade so if you have any questions or want to be a dealer give him a call and he will take care of you.

Andrew Michelin

Inside Sales and Dealer Support

Andrew has held nearly every position in the bike industry and even helped lead expeditions up and down Pikes Peak with Peak mountain bike tours. This Colorado native could tell you every twist, turn and rock of nearly every trail in Colorado. Andrew was a head mechanic of three different shops so if you have a question on how something works on our fatbikes or just want to talk shop he is the guy to call, but don’t call on the weekends because Andrew will probably be out shredding a new trail on his Echo somewhere.

Chris Murray

Head Wheel Builder

After wrenching professionally on everything from cars to elevators Chris realized the only place he is truly happy is in the bike industry, specifically at the truing stand building wheels for everything from world class racers to around the world bike tours. The more demanding the ride the happier he is building your wheels. He loves nothing more than obsessing over details you will likely never see but certainly notice after you get thousands of trouble free miles from your wheels.